Saturday, April 10, 2010

Healing With Color

Color therapy, associated with Sun therapy, is the most natural healing from all the treatments available.
Wherever there is sunlight, there's energy and color of sun rays, sun rays therefore be the basis of color therapy by reflecting sunlight.
Various parts of the body, as well as the existing organs, is influenced by different colors.
Color therapy helps restore the balance of colors and chemicals.
Color therapy can eliminate toxins from the body.
Light, color, and heat the Sun affect the development and growth of some parts of the body.
Coolness or warmth of the sun rays of different colors can be measured.
Of the seven colors emitted by the Sun, only red, yellow, and blue is a primary color.
Seventh color has a value of treatment
The seven colors are divided into three groups, and therapists need to choose only one group for treatment.
Light of various colors can be absorbed by the body with the help of colored glass.
Irradiation of water, oil or sugar with bias by reflecting sunlight shining on these objects by reflecting sunlight in a colored glass. Radiation produces substances in the treatment of these objects.
Color therapy has been proven to heal sun rays addiction cases and many other diseases.

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