Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cause Of Pneumonia

There are several causes of pneumonia. On estimate there are approximately 30 causes include pneumonia can be caused by infection by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasite (parasite). Pneumonia can also be caused by pain of chemicals or physical injury to the lungs, or as a result of other diseases, such as lung cancer or excessive alcohol drinking.
The most common cause is bacteria, viruses, fungi, micoplasma, protozoa, rickets and foreign objects. Generally travel pneumonia caused by injury or infection in the lower respiratory tract that causes inflammation. Bacteria can also be found in healthy human throat. If the body's defense is weak after years of smoking and drinking alcohol or recovering from other illnesses, so the lungs become vulnerable to germs everyday.
Microorganism infection or foreign objects that enter the lungs and attacking inflamation air pockets. Since inflammatory fluid into the alveoli lung cavity, also called consolidation. When there is infection quickly spreads through the bloodstream throughout the body. Pneumonia may also occur due to aspiration of gastric contents, water or other irritation. High-risk factors affected by pneumonia were upper respiratory tract infection, old age, alcoholism, smoking, nutritional deficiencies and chronic disease chronic.
Blood tests can often help to determine what causes pneumonia (whether bacterial or viral). X-ray photograph with your child on the chest to confirm the diagnosis. If your child is suffering from pneumonia, the results of x-ray photograph will show the existence of fluid (consolidation) in the lungs.

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