Saturday, December 25, 2010

Treatment Of Pneumonia

Treatment consists of antibiotics and supportive treatment. Giving antibiotics should be based on microorganisms and their susceptibility test results.

For several reasons, namely:
- severe disease can be life-threatening
- pathogenic bacteria that succeed in isolation is not necessarily as a cause of pneumonia
- The result of culturing the bacteria need time, administration of antibiotics done empirically.

Treatment of patients with pneumonia depends on the severity of symptoms and type of cause of pneumonia itself.
1. Pneumonia caused by bacteria will be given antibiotic treatment. Treatment should be really really complete until no longer any symptoms or the results of X-ray and sputum no longer shows the existence of bacterial pneumonia, otherwise it will return someday suffered pneumonia.

2. Pneumonia caused by a virus will be given treatment similar to flu patients, but more emphasis to the provision of adequate rest and plenty fluid intake and good nutrition to help restore the immune system.

3. Pneumonia caused by fungus will get with the provision of anti-fungal treatment.

Besides giving other drugs to help reduce pain, fever and headache. Provision of anti-(suppressor) cough at the recommended low dose just enough to make the patient can rest sleep, because coughing will also help the cleaning process secresi mucossa (ripple / phlegm) in lung.

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