Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beginning with the Spanish Flu

It all started with the influenza pandemic called the Spanish flu in 1918 and took the lives of 50 million people, more people around the world and 550 thousand inhabitants in the USA.
In 1930 Smith declared the cause of this Spanish flu virus type A subtype H1N1 Orthomyxoviridae. This also turned out to be the H1N1 causes disease in swine influenza.
Nevertheless the term swine flu was first introduced by Dr.Ricahard Shope from USA. Year 1932, wiping snot Dr.Richard pigs on the farm and managed to Sesame menularkanya pigs.
Supports the theory of Smith, Shope 1935 proved that the people who survived the Spanish flu pandemic from 1918 to 1919 after World War I has a virus antibody babai. However, subsequent generations do not have these antibodies. Shope also concluded, pandemic like the Spanish flu that killed 50 million people worldwide were caused by viruses of this pig.
Shope theory has finally recognized the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the early 1990s. Laboratory results contagious virus that had a young soldier, USA, David Lewis at Fort Dix, confirmed the same with a pig's Shope virus.
Be cause of swine influenza H1N1 virus and this is the beginning of the Spanish flu swine flu virus around the world.
H1 protein (Hemagglutinin 1) N1 (Neuraminisase 1) is an antigen that attacks the human immune system. Small changes for the second antigen is usually not cause flu outbreaks. However, mutations that resulted in serious human antobodi overwhelmed against this virus that causes pandemic flu.
Influenza pandemic in humans is called following the Asian flu in 1957. H2N2 virus is the cause that took the lives of two million inhabitants.
Pandemic influenza in humans, called Hong Kong flu caused the deaths returned 750 thousand inhabitants in 1968. H3N2 viruses that cause pandemics.
In 1976, outbreaks of swine influenza in pigs in the USA to attack humans who interact with the pig with a mortality rate of 0.

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