Saturday, May 15, 2010

When the Child Get Fever And beware Symptoms

- If the child does not require special medical care, keeping children in order to keep the break and maintained at home.
- Give to drink as much as water, juice or pedialyte
- Make your child feel comfortable. Rest is the most important thing for them.
- To overcome a fever, sore throat, or muscle pain, febrifuge performance is using the recommended doctor with age. Do not give aspirin to children and adolescents because it can cause Reye's syndrome endanger the lives of children
- When a sick family member, keep the child from those who are not sick.
- Provide a disposable tissue. Bring on the sick and provide special bins for the tissue-tissue.

Here are aware of the signs in children:
- Fast breathing was rapid or difficult breathing
- Leather-gray or bluish
- Less liquid
- Can not wake up
- Very sensitive to touch her body
- Do not shed tears when crying
- The symptoms disappeared but the fever rises, worsening cough

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