Thursday, May 13, 2010

For Nursing Mothers

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that the careful and cautious is the right step for parents, especially mothers who are breastfeeding a baby, dealing with the Mexican flu.
Washing hands with soap must be continually performed because the mother held the baby at any time.
When sneezing or coughing while nursing, mothers must be careful. We recommend using a mask if when you're sick.
Mother's Milk is the main protection for the baby. Through Mother's Milk, the protective antibodies from the mother was also given to infants. Antibodies are proteins made by the type of the immune system to help fight infection.
Flu can be a problem in infants. Babies who do not get Mother's Milk may be susceptible to infection. Because it was not to stop breastfeeding because it helps babies develop their immune system to fight disease, including infection.
And if the mother is ill, granting permanent Mother's Milk is recommended. Do not stop it. Ideally, babies should get up to six months from birth.
Especially when your baby is sick, granting Mother's Milk becomes a liability. When sick, the baby will need more fluids than usual.
Fluids Mother's Milk for babies is better compared to other liquids such as water, juice or pedialyte because it helps protect the baby.

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