Saturday, August 7, 2010

Causes of Kidney Stones

Here is the factor-factor that increases the risk of developing kidney stones.
- The fall in the concentration of chemical substances that inhibit crystallization of other chemicals
- Increasing the concentration of chemical substances which have a tendency to crystallize
- There are chemical substances that can crystallize in kisaean super saturated.
- The type of stone depending on the chemical overload.
- The majority of stones are calcium stones because the most common minerals found in urine
- Calcium can form calcium oxalate or calcium phosphate or both.
- Uric acid is formed when protein is digested and released in the body.
- Excess uric acid in urine can cause uric acid stones. This stone is more common among non-vegetarians.
- The majority of people affected by kidney stones because they drink less fluids.
- Lack of drinking menbuat highly concentrated urine, so that the chemicals in it becomes super saturated.
- Kidney stones are also common in weather conditions that increase sweat production.
- Kidney stones are also caused by fluid loss through perspiration and the lack of fluids to drink., So that the volume of urine becomes less. His form is also more concentrated.
- Terkadi kidney stones are more common in the Gulf States and North India.

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