Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Other Factors Increase the Risk of Kidney Stones

Some other factors that increase the risk of developing kidney stones are:
- Siblings kidney stone patients exposed to greater risk of kidney stones
- Not known definitely caused by similar environmental factors such as food, environmental, and others.
- Hot weather increase stone formation.
- Kidney stones are more common in military circles that move to places in hot weather.
- The climate is hot to increase sweat production and produce a high concentration of urine.
- Increasing sunshine causing increased absorption of vitamin D from the skin.
- The high vitamin D in the body increases the absorption of calcium in urine increased spending.
- People who have mental stress has a concentration of calcium, oxalate and uric acid are higher in the urine.
- Not yet unknown exactly how stress causes excessive concentration on rersebut substances.
Man - who urinated less than 1 liter per day at risk of kidney stones.
- Some experts believe that drinking hard water regularly can increase your risk for kidney stones. But it can not be proved.
- Hard water contains a higher amount of calcium, thus increasing the risk of kidney stones.
- People are less mobile or more work outdoors exposed to higher risk for kidney stones.
- People who consume dairy products, dietary fiber and carbohydrate and low in animal meat in a large portion is exposed to greater risk for kidney stones.

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