Monday, August 23, 2010

Role of Diet for Kidney Stone Formation

As already mentioned, it is important for patients to drink plenty of water for more than 2 liters per day. Water is very important in handling all types of kidney stones, whatever the cause.

Drink lots of water will dissolve the urine and prevents crystallization of minerals that can form stones. The main objective of food regulation is to fix defects in a chemical process during digestion, absorption and utilization of minerals.

Your doctor will recommend lowering eat that increase risk and increase the consumption of foods that may inhibit stone formation. More than 75% of kidney stones are calcium oxalate or calcium phosphate. And calcium oxalate stones are a most common.

Calcium needs from foods that are recommended is 400-500 mg / day. To get the amount of calcium, it is necessary to limit milk and milk product maximum only 1 cup / day. We also need to reduce calcium-rich foods such as:
'- Cheese, cream milk, khoya
'- Fish and seafood such as crabs, chingri, shrimp, snails
'- Soybeans
'- Sesame, poppy seed, lemon skin
'- Phalsa
'- Curry leaves, black Arbi leaves, leaf FENUGREEK
'- Jaggery

Oxalate in urine separately from calcium to form calcium oxalate stones. Therefore, the need to avoid foods that contain oxalate.

Uric acid stones
This stone is associated with gout / Gout (a disease with sudden and recurring attacks of arthritis is very painful. Because of the deposits of monosodium uric crystals, which accumulate in the joints. As a result of high levels of uric acid in the blood).
Aspirin can increase the expenditure of uric acid in urine which resulted in an increase of uric acid stone formation.
The most important factor in the formation of stones is acid urine.
The disease is treated with adequate fluid and normalizes urine becomes acidic pH 6 to 6.5.
This is done by increasing the consumption of foods and supplements alkali citrate and bicarbonate.
If the concentration of uric acid is very high, your doctor may recommend restriction of dietary protein.
Reduce or avoid foods that contain purine. Should not consume tea, coffee and cocoa to excess.

Because the diet used effects of acid and alkaline content of urine for the modification of diet pH urine remain at normal limits. Most fruits and vegetables make the urine becomes alkaline, while high protein foods, breads, cereals make urine becomes acidic. But reduce consumption of these foods do not need to avoid altogether.

It is important to remember though symptoms of various types of kidney stones together, depending on the type of treatment. Because it should follow the advice of doctors, especially in terms of food. Limiting consumption of some foods that increase stones formation can be dangerous for us. Reduce the risk factor in bladder through natural dietary components. For example, tartaric acid contained in tamarind can reduce the formation of kidney stones.

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