Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kidney Stone Treatment Through Surgery

Surgery is the primary means of treatment of kidney stones. Indications for kidney stone surgery are:
'- Stone can not get out themselves and cause severe pain
'- Stone is very large and can not get out of the urinary tract
'- Stone obstruct or impede the flow of urine
'- Stone causing urinary tract infection
'- The damage to the kidney function
'- Blood is always out when pee pee
At this time there have been several new techniques that only require a small incision in the skin to remove the stone so that the patient does not need length of stay in hospital.
There are several surgical options for treating kidney stones.

Percutaneous Surgery
In this procedure, a hole is made in the skin and through the equipment included in the body in order to reach the kidney directly.
Special tool used to solve the stones into small pieces and to throw it away.
A large number of kidney stones can be taken through this procedure.
The success rate of percutaneous surgery for kidney stones more than 95%.
Patients may need to stay in hospital for several days after this procedure.
A tube may be placed in the body to drain fluids from the procedures performed during the recovery period.

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