Thursday, March 11, 2010

Diarrhea Treatment Principles

There are three principles of treatment of diarrhea:
1. Replacement of fluids lost
- Fluids and electrolytes should be given for all types of diarrhea
- Oral rehydration solution (giving fluids by mouth) is the best fluid for
dealing with diarrhea
- If oral rehydration solution (e.g by ORS) are not available, some liquids
available at home bias is also used

2. Feeding:
- Eat as much as possible should be forwarded to all types of diarrhea
- The frequency and total volume of food must be improved after the treatment of diarrhea
to avoid malnutrition

3. Use of appropriate medications:
- Medicines to kill bacteria or parasites should be given only for
specific conditions have been identified as causes of diarrhea
- Drugs that reduce intestinal movements and therefore can control diarrhea
not recommended, because it is not useful. In certain cases, this drug
bias is also dangerous

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