Thursday, March 18, 2010

Food Recommended For Diarrhea

Therefore, it is important for nutrient-nutrient to replace those lost. Some people think that eating less can rest his gut and help control diarrhea. This is not true and is not recommended, because the material on acute diarrhea, more than 60% continue to absorb nutrients from the intestine.
The majority of children tolerate milk during diarrhea milk consumption and therefore should not be stopped or reduced. Children should be given a larger semi-dense foods rich in energy. Also, it is advisable to give them a diet rich in potassium. Semi-solid foods are energy-rich starch water, watery porridge made from cereals, bananas, finely ground, finely crushed potato, with a little oil, and rice with milk. Children also should be given an orange. It is advisable to avoid foods rich in fiber, like vegetables, sprouts and spicy foods.
Most children with reduced appetite during diarrhea. Therefore, give them their food in small portions but frequently. Providing food once every two or three hours is usually enough. After the diarrhea stops, give a one-time more food until the recommended weight for his age is reached.

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