Sunday, March 14, 2010

Treatment For Diarrhea

Mild and moderate dehydration can be treated with oral rehydration solution, and severe dehydration were treated with intravenous fluids. World Health Organization recommends oral rehydration solution containing sodium chloride, sodium citrate, potassium chloride, and glucose anhidrus.
Steps to prepare oral rehydration solution than a standard package includes:
- Wash hands and dry with a clean cloth
- Take one liter of clean water
- Mix one full pack of oral rehydration solution in one liter of the
- Keep containers of oral rehydration solution is still closed
- Give this solution to the child according to the explanation
- Use this solution within 24 hours. Remaining solution should be discarded

Oral rehydration solution is given in two stages:
- Phase Rehydration
This is to improve water and electrolyte imbalances that exist. Total solution
oral rehydration depends on the child's weight. One hundred milliliters of oral rehydration solution
recommended for every kilogram of body weight in the first four hours. Assess
rehydration progress every hour. Give oral rehydration solution and if a child is thirsty or
adequate rehydration has not been achieved.
It is important to look for signs of over-hydration. One simple way that can be
try is to see the child's eyelids. Swollen eyelids indicate
over-hydration. Oral rehydration solution should be stopped immediately after eyelid
looks swollen. Give other fluids until the swelling of the eyelids
- Maintenance Phase
This is to replace fluids lost during diarrhea continues. After the children get
enough fluids, give oral rehydration solution every time out dilute human waste money
to prevent dehydration. 50-10 ml should be given oral rehydration solution every time out
dispose of human waste liquid for children under two years old and 200-100 ml
for children aged between 2-10 years. Children above 10 years should be given a solution
oral rehydration as much as they want.
During the maintenance phase, which continues to receive bati rehydration therapy ebih from
four to six hours should be given breast milk alternately with a solution
oral rehydration.
If children are not fed, should be given 100-200 ml of water before giving more
a lot of oral rehydration solution. Children over the age of 4-6 months should be given a small portion
food every 3-4 hours.

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