Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Avian Influenza Prevention Through Human

For high-risk groups (poultry workers, traders, poultry) is required the following actions:
- Always wash hands with soap or disinfectant
- Shower after work
- Avoid direct contact with birds affected by avian influenza virus
- Leave work clothes at work
- Immunization / vaccination

For society in general, keep in mind is to maintain personal hygiene and the environment and obtain the vaccination.

To maintain personal hygiene and the environment it is necessary to:
- No touching infected poultry of avian influenza virus
- Always wash hands after contact with poultry
- Keeping poultry in the right way such as: choosing healthy poultry, cook meat until done, and so forth
- Keeping the immune system with healthy living, eating nutritious food, adequate rest, exercising regularly and avoiding stress and smoking.
- Where was ill then have to wear a mask and avoid the places that are no outbreaks of avian influenza
- Do not consume food that is still raw
- Keeping personal hygiene and the environment remains well tejaga

Until now there is no vaccine that can prevent the development of avian influenza virus in humans. Vaccines for influenza is currently available for influenza illness caused by influenza A virus subtype H1N1, H3N2 and influenza B. Effective vaccine provides protection against common influenza to 70-90% in healthy adults. Influenza vaccine must match the type and subtype viruses, because the vaccine can provide protection against H5N1 body. The use of vaccines in humans must be careful to avoid mutation of the virus. But the vaccine can help reduce complications and supportive care in hospitals.

Regular vaccination against influenza is recommended for those who are more at risk for complications from influenza. The vaccine should not be given to patients with acute fever, pregnant women in trimester I and infants up to age 6 months.

Normally vitamin or supplement is not required. The best way to boost the immune system is by eating nutritious foods, regular exercise and healthy living.

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