Sunday, September 19, 2010

Prevention of Avian Influenza Through Poultry

Prevention of spread of avian influenza can be done by conducting preventive measures against avian.

The basic principle of prevention, control and eradication of avian influenza in poultry is by doing the following:
- Prevent contact with poultry is susceptible to H5N1 virus
- Eliminate the H5N1 virus with the decontamination / disinfection
- Improve your immune by vaccination
- Increasing public awareness about the importance of healthy living and clean and care of the disease avian influenza

Precautions that can be done is:
1. Improve biosecurity, an act that strict oversight and safeguards against avian influenza infected poultry
2. Vaccination of healthy poultry
3. Depopulation or culling poultry infected with avian influenza viruses within a radius of 3 km.
4. Controlling traffic in and out of poultry.
5. Surveillance of avian influenza case.
6. Restocking.
7. Stamping out of all poultry infected.
8. Public Awareness.
9. Monitoring and evaluation

Things that should be done for poultry when an outbreak of avian influenza has not occurred:
1. Keeping poultry in good condition by providing clean water, food and vaccinations.
2. Maintain cleanliness and health of cattle.
3. Checking the goods that enter farms for free from avian influenza virus.

Things that should be done for poultry farms in the event of an outbreak of avian influenza:
1. Birds infected with avian influenza virus should be destroyed by burning and then buried.
2. Keeping poultry in a protected place such as in a cage separate from the house.
3. Limiting the people who enter the farm.
4. Always clean the cages, equipment and vehicles on the ranch by using a disinfectant regularly.
5. Storing manure away from ponds or water reservoirs.

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