Thursday, September 23, 2010

Treatment of Avian Influenza

Treatment for patients with avian influenza are hospitalized at the hospital in isolation rooms. To get the appropriate treatment and care because this disease is dangerous. Patients should receive oxygen for breathing, fluid perenteral, antiviral drugs and other treatments required by patients.

Antivirus Drugs
There are 4 types of drugs that can be used as an influenza A antiviral medication that is: amantadin, rimantadin, oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and zanamivir (Relenza). Four drugs can be used for the treatment of ordinary influenza (seasonal influenza). But not all drugs can be used to treat diseases caused by avian influenza A subtype H5N1 influenza virus. Based on research by experts, the H5N1 virus is resistant to rimantadin and amantadin.

Oseltamivir is administered orally and inhaled zanamivir are effective against the H5N1 virus. Besides being used in pengobata, oseltamivir also be used as prophylaxis or prevention of avian influenza disease.

The use of oseltamivir is closely monitored in order to avoid resistance to the drug. Therefore, while it is experiencing influenza, may not easily be drinking or drug oseltamivir as prifilaksis, must go through a doctor's prescription.

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