Friday, October 1, 2010

Introduction About Stroke (1)

Stroke is still the leading cause of death in the world. These diseases also have an impact on the most disabled adults who are still productive. The high cases of stroke due to low public awareness in addressing the various risk factors that could cause a stroke.

Stroke (cerebroscascular accident) is not just attacking people aged over 50 years, but also the productive age are still working. Even in some cases, this disease is still aged under 30 years old.

Stroke is a brain attack that occurs suddenly, without any advance warning. The disease is partly due to blockage of plaque thrombotic and bleeding. That is an artery or rupture of blood vessels in the brain tiaba blue.

Stroke can actually be prevented, treated and rehabilitated. Stroke patients may seek to control the situation better than the previous time. We can realize that to overcome some or almost all matters relating to stroke, and return to a healthy lifestyle. Strategies to reduce the number of defects due to stroke and death is by primary prevention, secondary and effective treatment to optimize quality of life.

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