Thursday, October 21, 2010

Treatment of Acute Stroke Patients

Acute-phase treatment program conducted with the initial step of acute stroke treatment. First focus on general medical resuscitation ABC.

A. Water Way
The first action in dealing with acute stroke patients is to assess the respiratory system. Examination of the water-way includes the area of the mouth, such as food scraps, dentures or foreign objects blocking the water way sufferers.

Way the water issue generally occurs in patients with bleeding strokes. For patients with ischemic stroke, water-way is usually stabilkecuali on brain stem infarction or recurrent seizures. To avoid blockage of water on the way stroke patients are not aware, the patient should be in the lateral decubitus position, mild hyperextension neck, and shoulders lifted, aspirated secretions, endotracheal testing. If intubation required more than 3 days, the tracheostomy may be considered.

B. Breathing
All stroke patients are given supplemental oxygen 1-2 liters per minute through the nose until there is blood gas analysis. Then adjusted with a target partial Pa O2> 80-100 mmHg. Oxygen delivery in patients with stroke is generally beneficial, because the brain requires a lot to carry oxygen metabolism. Levels of carbon dioxide Pa CO2 = 30-35 mmHg.

C. Circulation
After the action of water-way and oxygenation, then the next important also is to improve circulation and brain perfusion adequately in a way keep cardiac output and blood pressure. Then checked state of circulation such as blood pressure and pulse.

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