Friday, October 15, 2010

Advanced Stroke Symptoms

Here are the symptoms of a stroke that is more detailed:
- The offensive focal neurological deficits, weakness or paralysis of the arm, or one side of the body.
- Loss of taste or abnormal sensations in the arm or one side of the body. Side numbness, cramp, was on fire.
- Mouth, tongue can not be straight.
- Impaired swallowing, difficulty swallowing, hard to drink.
- Talk is not clear, difficult to speak, the spoken word is not as you wish, nasal, aphasia. Talk is not smooth, just a few words were spoken.
- It's hard to think or say the right words.
- Not understanding the speech of others.
- Not able to read, write and do not understand the writing.
- Unable to count, decreased intelligence.
- Not able to recognize parts of the body.
- Loss of bladder control.
- It's hard to walk.
- Forgetful (dementia)
- Vertigo
- Start of rapid disease, sudden
- Loss of vision, vision be disturbed, dark vision
Eyelids open hard-
- Hearing loss or hearing loss
- Become more sensitive
- Always wanted to sleep
- Loss of balance, body movements are not well coordinated
- Disturbance of consciousness, fainting

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