Sunday, October 3, 2010

Introduction About Stroke (2)

Stroke can be classified in chronic penyakir because of a long process, although it occurs in acute stroke. Process until the occurrence of stroke may have occurred several years before a stroke appear. Symptoms of stroke depend on where yamg affected brain vessels, the amount of blockage in the brain, the part where the blood vessels that rupture and whether parts of the brain are affected quite vital. Not all strokes cause symptoms.

Although there is no presenting symptoms in patients with stroke, does not mean definitely not a stroke. Maybe the process is already underway, because the symptoms of stroke occur if the blockage has reached 80%. These conditions are for those at risk of stroke preventive save meanings. If only the process of stroke can be prevented or stopped, then the likelihood of stroke does not occur. But people who experience a stroke process usually do not realize that his brain is being threatened stroke. Someone had to know if a stroke occurs when the examination process with tools.

The initial symptoms of stroke that may arise, could be in the form of momentary paralysis (Transient Ischaemic Attack) which is often called a mild stroke. That is an initial process towards a severe stroke emerging in part and usually recovers itself within 1-2 days. But when a minor stroke which left without treatment means, a time will appear more severe stroke, and most will be too late to be cured completely. A variety of stroke symptoms to watch out for, especially for those at risk of stroke, such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hiperlipdemia, hypercholesterolemia or who suffer from heart disease, fragile psychological stress or a combination of these factors.

Stroke in an early stage may appear as a stroke in evolution. Namely stroke symptoms had appeared, but the process has not finished a stroke, still continues so still will flourish again. Within hours, the condition of the patient worsens or the patient becomes unconscious conscious self.

There is also a direct cause of stroke that paralyzed half of the body is called completed strokes. Where the stroke has been completed and no longer growing.

The case of a stroke can occur as a recurrent stroke. If the first stroke treatment is not done to hinder the process of stroke, the stroke aftershocks will occur again. Attacks could occur at the same location of the brain, as well as in other areas of the brain with symptoms and manifestations are different.

All cases of stroke must be addressed urgently, in within 3 hours after the first stroke appears. The goal is to damage brain cells are still in the process does not get worse, so that could still be saved.

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