Friday, September 17, 2010

Pandemic Influenza

If the virus influenza A (H5N1) can infect humans and spread easily to all people, it is called a pandemic influenza. No one knows when and how a pandemic will occur. So we need to be vigilant and be prepared to face all possibilities that arise. As well as trying to prevent it from happening virus spread easily between humans.

Pandemic Influenza
Pandemic influenza is an influenza epidemic in the world which caused a new influenza virus subtype is causing serious illness and spread easily between humans. The H5N1 virus into a pandemic influenza threat because the virus is a new virus to humans has never existed before and has infected more than 100 people. And there is no immunity against H5N1 influenza virus to humans.

There are some epidemiological parameters of the most good for pandemic influenza is excess mortality rate every week. As a result of pneumonia and influenza symptoms on average. Another additional parameter is the increase in the number of people who do not work and the number of patients who go to the doctor or hospital because of respiratory disease.

There are several reasons that we must be vigilant against the H5N1 virus, among others:
- The H5N1 virus is a new virus for humans, not previously exist among humans. This virus has infected hundreds of people with very high mortality rate of 80%
- Currently, poultry has become a reservoir for the H5N1 virus without showing symptoms of illness
- The H5N1 virus is compared with the year 1997, more lethal and able to survive longer
- The H5N1 virus has been infecting and killing mammalian species such as pigs, horses, cats and humans
- Conduct habitat H5N1 virus had changed. The presence of H5N1 virus in domestic birds, humans have increased the risk of transmission and spread in humans also the cattle industry.

There are 3 things that could start a pandemic influenza, namely:
1. The existence of a new virus
2. The virus can multiply and cause serious illness in humans
3. The virus is easily spread among humans

The H5N1 virus is potentially causing a pandemic.
Host virus H5N1 highly variable from poultry to migratory birds and are geographically spread almost throughout the territory in the world.
Economic losses caused by the death of poultry during outbreaks of avian influenza is very large.
Pandemic cause of death and a very high disease in just a few weeks.

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