Saturday, September 11, 2010

Diagnosis of Avian Influenza

Diagnosis is done by:
1. Anamnesis of the symptoms suffered by patients, and a history of exposure or the presence of risk factors such as the death of sick poultry or poultry on the farm.
2. Physical examination, such as body temperature more than 38 "C, rapid breathing and pharyngeal hyperemia.
3. In the laboratory blood tests obtained by leucopenia, limfopenia, thrombocytopenia and mild to moderate aminotransferase levels increased slightly and kadara krestin also increased.
4. Examination levels of urea / creatinine, krestinin krease, albumin / globulin and blood gas analysis with tuhuan to know the status of the patient.
5. After radiological examination using chest x-ray images / piston. Then get a picture of scattered or localized infiltrate in the lung. This shows the process of infection due to viruses or bacteria in the lung, known as pneumonia. Preview radiology examination results to be indicators of disease worsening of avian influenza.

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