Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Diabetes Symptoms

Symptoms of diabetes can occur in children or young adults and in adults over 40 years. Sometimes it is felt only mild symptoms. Diabetes is usually found during a general medical check up). Patients with type 1 diabetes is usually found in children and young adults and badanya thin. Instead of type 2 diabetes found in those of normal weight or overweight.

Generally, symptoms and signs of diabetes were divided into two groups: early symptoms and chronic symptoms.
1. Early symptoms of diabetes include:
- Weight loss and feeling weak or tired
- Frequently urinating (poliuri) at night with the number of lots
- Drink plenty of water (polidipsi)
- Many food (polifagi)
2. Chronic symptoms of diabetes include:
- Impaired vision, blurred vision
- Peripheral nerve disorders, often feel pain in your feet
- Itching and boils
- Thick skin
- Impaired sexual function, erectile disorder, impotence
- Leucorrhoea, female patients often whitish and feels itchy

The early symptoms of diabetes associated with the direct effects of high levels of sugar blood . If blood sugar levels up to above 160-180 mg / dL, glucose will not come into the urine. If levels are higher, the kidneys will get rid of extra water to dilute a large amount of glucose is lost. Because the kidney produces excessive amounts of urine, the patient became frequent urination in large quantities (poliuri). Poliuri symptoms especially at night, when our blood sugar levels relatively higher than during the day. Poliuri result, patients feel excessive thirst so much to drink (polidipsi).

Symptoms of the less prominent is a lot to eat (polifagi). Because a large number of calories lost, the patient experienced weight loss. To overcome this, patients often feel hungry so much eating (polifagi).

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