Monday, July 19, 2010

Diabetes Treatment

The main goal of diabetes treatment is to maintain blood sugar levels under normal circumstances. Blood sugar levels normal is really difficult to maintain. But getting closer to normal, the possibility of temporary or long-term complications will decrease.

Treatment of diabetes include weight control, exercise and medication and diet. An obese type 2 diabetes do not need treatment if they lose weight and exercise regularly. However, most patients find it difficult to lose weight and exercise regularly. Because it was given insulin replacement therapy or the oral hypoglycemic drug.

Ordering diet is very important. Patients should not eat too many sweet foods and should eat a regular schedule. People with diabetes tend to have high cholesterol levels, because it is recommended to limit the amount of saturated fat in food. But the best way to lower cholesterol is to control blood sugar levels and body weight.

All patients should understand how diet and exercise to control the disease. Patients must understand how to avoid the occurrence of complications. Patients should also pay special attention to foot infections. It is important to examine the eye so that the bias is known that changes occur in blood vessels in the eye.

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