Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Therapy of Diabetes Patients

- Combination therapy: do when blood glucose control could be better, that way of working is different but the medicine gave a synergy effect.
- Therapy Advanced: especially for patients with type 1 diabetes pancreas transplant can be a small part or whole.
- Therapy accompanying diseases: blood sugar control drugs can be given concurrently with the hypertensive drugs and drug hipokolesterolemia

Monitoring Medications
Monitoring blood sugar levels is an important part of diabetes treatment.
The presence of glucose from the urine of known bias, but examination of urine is not a good way to monitor treatment or adjust the dose of medication. Currently blood sugar levels can be measured easily by patients themselves at home. People with diabetes should record their blood sugar levels and report to the doctor so that dose of insulin or hypoglycemic medications can be adjusted.

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