Thursday, July 1, 2010

Introduction to Diabetes (1)

Currently, health care becomes very important to the community. Health information is very important for general masyarakay is informasri of Diabetes Mellitus. The public needs to know the causes, symptoms, isk factors and ways of prevention of diabetes mellitus. Because if not then the complications can do, arise and threaten the safety of the soul.

Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by disorders of carbohydrate metabolism, fat and protein. Diabetes is marked by an increase in blood glucose in a sudden and very risky heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and nerve dysfunction. Diabetes occurs because the organ pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when cells of the body resistant to insulin.

Insulin is a hormone that works to absorb the blood glucose into body cells. If insulin levels are low or the body's cells less sensitive to insulin, so blood glucose can not enter the cells and remained high in the blood. Continuing high blood sugar can cause various complications that can threaten the safety of the soul.

There are many fundamental questions about the general gannguan diabetes, physical activity, type of food and eating habits, medications, how to control blood sugar levels, and complications from diabetes. Everything will be explained in this blog.

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