Thursday, June 24, 2010

Examination Stage Cancer

Type of Inspection Other Organ Biopsy
- Breast - biopsy needle or biopsy - mammograms, heart scans
all the bumps and bone CT scan of the brain,
examination of the estrogen receptor
and progesterone in the sample biopsy

- Gastrointestinal - Network for the biopsy - chest x-ray, barium x-ray
taken with an endoscopic ultrasonic CT scan, scanning
or with a needle through the liver, blood tests for
skin into the liver, pancreas, liver enzymes
or other organs

- The lungs - lung biopsy and possible - chest x-rays, CT scans,
Sputum cytology pleural biopsy Mediastinoskopi

- Lymphatic System - A biopsy of lymph glands, biopsy - chest x-ray, cell differential count
bone marrow blood, ultrasonic CT scan,
Radioisotope scan, surgery exploration, splenectomy

- Prostate - Biopsy needle - Blood tests for acid
Phosphatase and PSA (prostate
specific antigen), ultrasonic

- Testes - Appointment testicle - chest x-ray, CT scan

- Uterus, Cervix, - Network for the biopsy is taken - pelvic examination, ultrasonic
Ovary during exploratory surgery CT scan, barium enema

Cancer staging
Determination of stages or phases in the cancer usually used TNM system (tumor, nodules, metastases), so that the cancer was diagnosed as follows:
- Q: describe the size of primary cancer
- N: describes how many cancer cells in the lymph glands
- M: describes whether the cancer has spread to other areas
Staging as described above, different for each type of cancer.

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