Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cancer Diagnosis

Detection efforts against cancer is with Digital Infrared Imaging. This technique allows a woman's health is monitored breast and cervical cancer for the presence of precancerous process. Even this tool can provide a warning 8-10 years before a tumor can be detected by other methods. This tool has been developed in the USA.

The working principle is that objects at a certain temperature will emit radiation of surface waves of electromagnetism that are invisible. Where the maximum intensity occurs at a wavelength of infrared light region. Chemical activity and the activity of blood vessels in the tissue surrounding the growing precancerous always higher than normal tissue.

Digital Infrared Imaging results may indicate a variety of breast abnormalities, such as mastitis, tumors, fibrocystic disease and cancer. The occurrence of any changes observed in the infrared map periodically month or yearly, can give a sign of abnormality.

Some screening tests that can be done at home, such as breast self examination every month can help women detect breast cancer. Regularly check the testis may help men with testicular cancer detection. One form of cancer that can recover if discovered in its early stages. Regularly check for open sores in the mouth that does not heal can help detect oral cancer in its early stages.

Doctors can usually determine the type of primary tumor by biopsy of cancer metastase and examined under a microscope. However, the identification of cancer is not always easy and hard to find certainty.

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