Thursday, June 10, 2010

Causes of Cancer (Psycho Factors, Emotional)

Psycho Factors, Emotional
People are now much easier to feel anxiety due to various pressures in a society that increasingly complex, competitive and not always supportive. Indeed if you want to succeed, we need some stress at a certain limit to keep the body remain alert and vigilant, like in an athlete's training and fire extinguisher. However, excessive levels of psychological stress will affect less good for the body, thus arises the physical symptoms and psychological aspects. This can happen because of the severe state of stress, the body will issue a hormone-hormone vigilance in large numbers, including the hormone adrenaline. Adrenaline in the body causing the body in a state of full alert with increased blood pressure, heart blood pumping stronger, and cells of the body in a state of siege and under stress. This situation may change the pattern of growing and developing cells, where cells will be stimulated to grow in the wild and uncontrolled, so that there was cancer. These reactions usually occur when we are in danger, and danger will subside when the threat disappears. But if the reaction persists after state abated danger, or we live with too much in danger every day and the constant stress, the stress is already a disease.

Stress can also cause the body's cellular balance disorders. State of constant tension can affect the cells, where cells become hyperactive and the changing nature of the dangerous cancer causing. Stress also affects and upsets the balance of the immune system, whereby the development of T cells and natural killer cells depressed. These disturbances weaken the body's cells that recognize and kill cancer cells, that can cause the body vulnerable to various diseases, including cancer.

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