Monday, June 14, 2010

Cancer Risk Factors

Hormonal Risk Factors
The hormone estrogen may function as a promoter for certain cancers such as breast and endometrial cancer. Women who menstruate have high estrogen levels, the formation of breast cancer risk increased in women who menstruate early and reach menopause later. Late pregnant or not having children can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Promoters Material:
- Hormones endogenous (produced by the body), such as estrogen
- Substance added to food, such as saccharin and nitrate
- Cigarette smoke, alcohol
- Tobacco can function as initiator or promoter

Psychological factors, emotional psychic
Some circumstances may cause interference on emotion or aggravate cancer, such as stress, resentment, hatred is deep. The role of psychological factors on cancer can be in several ways, such as stress, or grudge influence the development of cells into wild and the effect that weakens the immune system T cells that can not eliminate the cancer cells are formed.

Some protective factors
Women who breastfeed for at least six consecutive months decreased risk of breast cancer. Women who are pregnant a few times also have the risk of breast cancer is reduced. This deals with employment hormone progesterone. The hormone progesterone is protective against breast cancer by blocking the stimulating effects of estrogen. Progesterone increase during pregnancy, that's why a pregnant woman several times will reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Also decreases breast cancer risk in women who exercise moderately, as they may occur penuruna estrogen levels or decrease consumption of fat and preventing obesity. Foods that reduce cancer risk is the effect of foods containing substances that can clean up free radicals (oxidants), called antioxidants or free radical scavenger. Materials are included as antioxidants is someone that vitamins A, E and C are found in many vegetables and fruits.

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