Monday, June 21, 2010

Killer Cell Therapy and Therapeutic Antibodies (humoral)

Killer Cell Therapy
In killer cell therapy, lymphocytes from cancer patients are removed from blood samples. In the laboratory, carried out irradiation of limfosir with interleukin-2, to mebuat killer cells activated lymphocytes, which will be injected back into the patient's body through his veins. These cells are better trained than the cells in the body's natural to find and destroy cancer cells.

Approximately 25-30% sufferer malignant melanoma or kidney cancer respond well to limfotin activated killer cell therapy. This manner of treatment is still in intensive research.

Therapeutic Antibodies (humoral)
This therapy is done by increasing the production of antibodies by the body. Material bacterium tuberculosis (TB) is attenuated, is known to increase the immune response, which has been attempted in several cancers.

The trick with tuberculosis bacteria injected directly into cancer, melanoma is almost always the result of a shrinking cancer. Sometimes the effect of treatment extends to tumors that have spread throughout the body (metastases).

Bacterium tuberculosis has also been successfully used to control bladder cancer has not spread to the bladder wall. Medications other eksperimantal linking tumor-specific antibodies with anti-cancer drugs.

Antibodies are made in the laboratory and injected into the patient will bring the drug into cancer cells.

Another option is to antibodies made in the laboratory that can be attached to cancer cells or white blood cells limfosit to killer and unite the two so that limfosit killer cells can destroy cancer cells. Recent research provides new hope for better treatment and may be able to maximize treatment outcomes. Some use part of the body (an oncogene), which are important in regulating cell growth.

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