Sunday, June 20, 2010


Immunotherapy works to improve the ability of the immune system find and destroy existing cancer cells. Researchers have created a biological response modifier. These materials are used for the following functions:
1. Stimulate the body's antitumor response by increasing the number of killer cells
to tumor or produce chemical mediators to recognize the cancer cells
2. Directly function as agents or chemicals tumor killer mediator
3. Reducing the body's normal mechanism in suppressing the immune system.
4. Change the tumor cells to increase the likelihood of triggering a response
immunity or to make tumor cells more likely destroyed by the immune system
5. Fix the body tolerance to radiation therapy or chemical materials
used in chemotherapy

Biologic response modifier of the most recognized and most widely used is interferon, Under normal circumstances, almost all human cells to produce interferon. But interferon also can be made by recombinant molecular biology techniques. Although the mechanism of action is not fully understood, but deketahui role of interferon in the treatment of some cancers.

An excellent response (cure) has occurred in approximately 30% of people with Kaposi sarcoma, 20% of young patients with chronic leukemia mielogenous and 15% renal cell carcinoma patients. Interferon prolong disease-free period that is expected in patients who experience healing from multiple myeloma and some forms of limfoma.

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