Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cancer Causes (Factors Substance carcinogens and Hormonal Balance Disorders)

Substance Carcinogens
Here are other carcinogenic substances that can trigger the occurrence of cancer:
Chemicals Cause Cancer
- Arsenic - Lungs
- Asbestos - Lung, pleura
- Amin aromatic - Bladder
- Benzene - Leukemia
- Chrome - Lungs
- Nickel - Lungs, nasal sinuses
- Vinyl chloride - Heart
- Alcohol - throat, mouth, throat
- Betel - Mouth, throat
- Tobacco - Head, neck, lungs, esophagus, bladder
- Agent alkilating - Leukemia, bladder
- Diethylstilbestrol - Heart, vagina
- Oksimetolon - Heart
- Torotras - Blood vessels

Hormonal Balance Disorders
The occurrence of chaos in the hormone balance can lead to cancer. There is a tendency that excess hormones estrogen and progesterone deficiency causes an increased risk of breast cancer, cervical cancer and cervical cancer apda women, and prostate cancer in men. The hormone estrogen stimulates cell growth function which tends to encourage the occurrence of cancer, while progesterone protects the occurrence of excessive cell growth.

The sources of estrogen are meat, milk, cheese, butter, pesticides, plastic soft, anti-pregnancy pill, while the decrease in progesterone levels is because stress and excessive exposure to insecticides. Hormones estrogen and Bovine Growth Hormone are widely used to soften and fatten the meat, so the selection of meat should be very careful. Make sure the meat is consumed free of both substance.

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