Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Introduction to Cancer

Cancer is a term that is very frightening for anyone who heard it. Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells that invade surrounding tissues and spread to other places. Cancer is a disease that is fatal and can spread to all parts of the body from head to toe, from skin to internal organs. Cancer is actually a term for a dangerous tumor, whereas other tumors are less dangerous tumor. Tumors or neoplasia or neoplasm is an abnormal tissue mass, which are autonomous and beyond the growth of normal tissue. Judging from the way it happened, cancer is divided:
- Cancer Metatastik, ie cancer that has spread from another body part
- Cancer arising from their own networks

Cancer quickly as possible should be detected, because the more rapid diagnosis, treatment with the opportunity to obtain good results for patients can be achieved. Once diagnosed late, the cancer will spread everywhere and the more difficult to cure. In many cases, there is no specific treatment for cancer, so just do the best possible care and keep patients in order to feel comfortable and can live a normal life. To that end, efforts to prevent cancer is absolutely done. Two main points of cancer prevention, namely:
- The physical act
- Measures of mental / psychological
would help overcome the cancer so as not to damage or becomes too late.

Cancer is a dangerous disease, but there is hope for remedy.

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