Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tumor Antigen

Antigen is a foreign material known body and is a target to be destroyed by the immune system. Antigen found on the surface of all cells. Under normal circumstances, the immune system does not react to the cell itself.

If a cell becomes dangerous, or there are new antigens that are not recognized by the immune system appears in the cell surface, then the immune system may recognize these new antigens, called tumor antigens as foreign. Then bias transport or destroy cancer cells. However, sometimes the immune system is good berfungsu not always able to destroy all cancer cells.

Tumor antigens have been found in some types of cancer, namely malignant melanoma, cancer of the bone (osteosarkoma, and some gastrointestinal cancers.

Cancer patients have antibodies against tumor antigens. Antigen usually does not produce enough immune response to cancer control. Antibodies are not able to destroy cancer and sometimes even stimulate growth.

Antigens are released into the blood vessels by some cancer called tumor markers, and bias was found in blood tests.

Tumor markers are widely used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

For example, blood tests help reveal whether the bias effective cancer treatment. If tumor markers are no longer found in blood samples, the possibility of treatment has been successful. If the tumor markers disappear and then appear again, possibly have a recurrence of cancer.

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