Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cancer Symptoms

The symptoms of cancer depend on the type of tissue or organ affected. In general, cancer symptoms:
- Pain can be caused by an expanding tumor pressing on nerves and blood vessels
surroundings. Pain is also an immune reaction and inflammation to cancer
are growing. Pain can also be caused by fear and anxiety.
- Bleeding or unusual discharge, such as saliva, coughing, vomiting
bloody, bloody nose constantly, putting fluid milk that contains blood,
burrow fluids in intercourse, bleeding (between menstrual / menopause), blood in the stool,
blood in the urine.
- Change in bowel habit
- Decrease in body weight rapidly due to the lack of fat and protein, called
with kaheksia.
- Lump in the breast or elsewhere
- Persistent cough, hoarseness
- Digestive disorders, such as difficulty swallowing constant
- Deaf or the voices in your ear constantly
- The wound that does not heal
- Changes in a striking skins
- Anemia. Berbagais cause anemia because, in large part on their
metastatic cancer. Anaemia occurs early in those who suffer
cancer of blood-forming cells. Or cancer that causes chronic bleeding,
such as cervical cancer, colon.

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