Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Specific Symptoms of Cancer

Brain Cancer: headaches in the morning and decreased after the middle days, the
incidence of a disease-related sudden with the head (eg epilepsy),
weakness, numbness in arms and legs, difficulty walking,
drowsiness, abnormal changes the vision, personality changes,
problems with memory and difficulty speaking.
Mouth cancer: there are sores on the mouth, tongue, and gums that do not heal.
Laryngeal cancer: persistent cough, hoarseness or husky
Lung cancer: persistent cough, sputum with blood, chest pain
Breast Cancer: found a lump in the breast, skin thickening (thickening), changes
shape, itching, redness, pain that is not associated with
breast-feeding or menstruating.
Bowel cancer: long lasting changes between diarrhea and constipation, the
presence of blood in feces, stomach was feeling constantly,
lump in stomach, pain after eating, weight loss.
Uterus Cancer: bleeding between menstrual periods, when extravasation
menstruation is not as usual, incredible pain.
Ovarian cancer: new information on the phase symptoms.
Colon cancer: bleeding in the rectum, there is blood in the feces, diarrhea
Bladder cancer: there is blood in the urine, when urinating, burning, frequent
Urinary and Kidney urination, difficulty urinating, pain in the
Prostate cancer: Urinary not smooth, the back waist, penis and upper thigh feels
continuous pain,
Testis cancer: presence of a lump in the testis, the testis size of fluid
reservoir Enlarged and thickened suddenly, abdominal pain
bottom, enlarged breasts.
Lymphoma: enlarged lymph nodes, itching, sweating at the time night's
sleep, fever, weight loss.
Leukemia: pallor, chronic fatigue, weight loss, often subject to infection,
easily hurt, pain in bones and joints, frequent nose bleeding.
Skin Cancer: lump under the skin, the infection does not heal, spots change
color and size, pain in certain areas, changes skin colors
form spots.

Frequent complication in cancer patients is infection, especially advanced-stage cancer patients. Infection occurs due to lack of protein and other nutrients, and suppression of immunization systems that often occurs after the traditional treatment. Infection can also be caused by hormones produced due to the constant stress in cancer patients. Hormone that is produced will cause suppression of the immune system called immunosuppression. These hormones include adrenokortikotropik (ACTH), which stimulates the release of cortisol from the adrenal gland cortex. Infection occurs also in surgery.

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